Tech Tasks

Tech Task #1

Here is the survey that I created for my first Tech Task! I found Google Survey to be an extremely easy tool to use and I am hoping that I will be able to use it to support some unit plans in the future.

Plan an Event Picture

To learn more about the importance of student directed learning and creation within the context of online learning, check out this informative article: Online Learning: it’s all about dialogue, involvement, support and control — according to research

Tech Task #2

Check out my SMART lesson on adjectives!

Adjective SMART Lesson

NOTE: You will not be able to view the file from the Google Drive site, but it will function upon download!

Tech Task #3

Tagxedo turns a variety of texts (articles, events, websites, papers, themes, etc) into a “cloud” of individually sized words to highlight high frequency terms. I have used a similar program called Wordle before, but I find Tagxedo much more user friendly and versatile. Whereas Wordle works on a copy and paste basis, Tagxedo will access information in a variety of formats and searches. Watch my tutorial below to see  how this tool works.

Tagxedo Video Tutorial

This tool could be used in classrooms to enhance learning in a variety of ways.

1) Help students identify key terms and themes within in a large block of text.

2) Identify important related terms to clarify research and internet searches.

3) Provide another mode for students to express their ideas.

4) Create visually engaging summaries of their work and ideas.

To find out more about the uses of Tagxedo in the classroom, check out this great resource 101 Ways to Use Tagxedo

Tech Task #4

As a reflection of my learning experience, I combined the expression of Tagxedo with the voice of Voicethread to articulate my experiences with online learning. Follow the link to check it out!

Online Learning Reflection

Tech Task #5

On February 6th I had the very cool experience of using SMART response as a tool to gauge student learning, increase participation and also provide feedback for assessment. I am very intrigued about using this type of tool in my classroom. Because I already used tagxedo to do my Tech Task #4, I decided to use another program that I was interested in called Smilebox to make a fun slideshow enhanced with audio and moving visuals!

Check it out here: Student Response Technology
Create your own slideshow - Powered by Smilebox
This slideshow design personalized with Smilebox

Tech Task #6

Attached below you will find my lesson plan to introduce concepts of community to Grade 2’s. Supplementary resources are attached to the lesson plan and the SMART lesson is separate.

Lesson One: School Community

Lesson One: SMART Presentation

Private Google Map Link

Tech Task #7

This posted lesson is an extension of my lesson plan posted above. If you are interested in viewing my Edmodo page, please email me at for the link.

Lesson Two: Exploring Communities

Lesson Two: SMART Presentation (View Slides 14 and 15)

View Map Link Posted Above (in Tech Task #6)  if Necessary

Tech Task #8

Here is my last tech task! I appreciated these tasks because they caused me to grow so much as an educator. Although there were times when I was frustrated and confused, moving through these obstacles has better prepared me to support others in their technological endeavors. Enjoy my final reflection on my progress!

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