Teaching Philosophy

I will empower Saskatchewan’s children to feel confident in their ability to achieve in and contribute to their community. By serving as a mentor and guide for our young leaders, I will enable them to pass on the values of citizenship and learning to future generations. Children have an innate desire to discover and create. It is my goal to provide quality education through stimulating, differentiated and supportive environments that encourage students to pursue their love of learning.


I believe that my teaching should empower students to be independent and thus develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for their learning.

I will use technology in inquiry based and collaborative environments to enhance learning experiences and support students in developing new products and information.

I believe that schooling is important for students to learn to read, write, and compute. However, of greater importance is the ability to communicate needs, solve problems, work together and improve their community.

I believe that students learn by example and I need to be a positive example in the classroom by demonstrating virtues of patience, kindness, empathy, flexibility, energy and creativity.


I believe that students are equal partners in learning. My role is to provide necessary resources and facilitate learning at all levels.

I believe that the classroom is made for students of all abilities. Our differences make us stronger and diversity is key to developing globally responsible individuals.


I believe that my classroom should be a safe place for students to build confidence, set goals, grow their love of learning.

I determine the classroom environment through setting clear expectations, building relationships with students and modelling respectful interactions.

I will support the diverse needs of all students through differentiated instruction, options for self-regulation, and flexible learning arrangements.

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