Sample Online Unit

Our Community

This unit will guide grade 2’s in an online learning experience of exploring their local community. Over the course of two weeks, they will learn about the importance of people, services, leadership, lifestyle and culture as contributing to the identity of a community.   This differentiated unit allows students the opportunity to work collaboratively to contribute to an online community profile, with the choice to express their learning in a variety of ways.

Curriculum Connections


Prerequisite Knowledge and Set-up

Students Must

  • Have a personal wordpress page or a classroom wordpress page to post onto the blog from
  • Know how to upload pictures to their file on a school computer and access their pictures
  • Be familiar with procedures regarding use of technology (ex. bringing computer cart, logging in, using internet, etc)
  • Be familiar with YouTube, WordPress, Tumblebooks and SMART Response Technology (introduce these before doing the unit)

School Computers Must

  • Have Smilebox installed on computers (ComicLife could work as well)
  • Have GoogleEarth installed on computers
  • Have AdobeFlash Player and JavaScript installed for full functionality

Essential Information

Teacher Outline

Student Blog Profile

Google Maps Link

SMART Presentation Link

Tech Resources




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