EZVid — Great screencasting tool!

Originally posted on Katrina Morrell:
I actually tried this program to record a skype session with a friend and it worked wonderfully! This would have awesome classroom applications as students could record their progress through online learning! I love the option of editing the video, adding music/voice recordings  and the many other features. Check it out — its free! Katrina […]

Twitter in the Classroom

Originally posted on Megan Pearce:
Just thought I’d share this with my fellow soon to be teachers! This checklist would be great to incorporate into a class where you are using Twitter. I think the tasks are appropriate for students to learn how to use Twitter properly and safely. I especially liked the “recognized a…

Growing as an Educator through 21st Century Teaching

Throughout my engagement with technology, I have come a long way. However, I know that there is still room for improvement. On pinterest, I found another infographic (surprise!) on actions teachers can take to become better educators and leaders of students in the 21st century. So far, my journey using technology for learning purposes has […]

Wow! Insightful Cyber Bullying Video

Cyberbully is an insightful video and raises many important issues that are valuable for students, parents and educators. It is the story of a teenage girl who gets caught up in the online world of cybe rbullying. Three things that stood out for me were: The ease with which a situation may become overwhelming/spiral out […]


 was a screencasting and capture program presented by my classmate Emily Perreault that is free and very easy to use. I would use it in my classroom by: Creating training or instructional videos for student use Capturing interactive whiteboard activities for absent  students Having students use the program as they solve problems so I can […]