Growing as an Educator through 21st Century Teaching

Throughout my engagement with technology, I have come a long way. However, I know that there is still room for improvement. On pinterest, I found another infographic (surprise!) on actions teachers can take to become better educators and leaders of students in the 21st century. So far, my journey using technology for learning purposes has […]

Great Photo

Originally posted on Megan Pearce:
I found this photo on Pinterest and I think it has some interesting facts about education in Finland. It would be great to see some of these ideas used in all areas of the world to make schools and education even better for students and teachers!

This is the leader I will strive to be in my classroom…

There is no doubt that teachers are leaders within the classroom — it is an expectation that they should be. What is variable however, is the approach to leadership that teachers take, and thus model, for their students. Traditionally, leadership in the classroom was very authoritarian. Today this style does not meet the dynamic needs […]


 was a screencasting and capture program presented by my classmate Emily Perreault that is free and very easy to use. I would use it in my classroom by: Creating training or instructional videos for student use Capturing interactive whiteboard activities for absent  students Having students use the program as they solve problems so I can […]

Assessing Students’ 21st Century Skills

As my ECMP Class engages more in discussions regarding implementing technology, topics of assessing our implementation and assessing the students proficiency are starting to come up. The Technology Integration Matrix was a good way to assess our own progress, however I always wondered about assessing the students. This rubric posted by Henrico County Public Schools […]

Implementing Technology to Create Effective Learning Environments

There are many degrees of implementing technology and the largest concern for educators is ensuring that our efforts are authentic and conducive to enhancing our students’ education. A good tool to help educators reflect on their effectiveness is the Technology Integration Matrix provided by The Florida Centre for Instructional Technology. It is an interactive matrix […]

Edmodo — The Coolest Resource I Have Seen All Year!

In the ECMP 355 class I am currently taking, we were encouraged to learn about a new educational technology tool that we were unfamiliar with. As you may have seen on my latest posts and technology categories, I dabbled in Tagxedo. Today we shared these experiences as a class and I just had to highlight Edmodo as an […]

Why Are You Blogging?

What a great reflective question. Many of us jump on the technology bandwagon without a clear purpose or goal. When we refine our goals, we can truly optimize and support student learning and community communication. Check out this great article Why Are You Blogging? for guidelines to set up blogs for a variety of purposes. Ideas […]