Last Day

After a fun day with the “Physical Activity Scavenger Hunt,” and Pre-Intern Farewell Party, my time at this school is over. I want to take this opportunity to thank the school, my students and especially my cooperating teacher for teaching me so much. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and everyone has taught me […]

Lesson Ten: Your Ideas of "What Learning Looks Like" Will Differ from Those of your Students

Thursday AfternoonNoise Level: HighTask: Finish up rich performance task related to physical activity and nutrition (write song, write story, make healthy living advertisement or research physical activity opportunities in the community)I am running around the classroom answering questions, keeping students on task and assessing at the same time. I notice over time a student constantly […]

Happy Moment

Today was a great day of student sharing and reflection of the past two weeks of our experiences with Nutrition and Physical Activity. At the end of the day, we gathered in a talking circle and shared what we had learned. I shared with the students about how much they had taught me over the […]

Lesson Four: Have Fun

It just so happens that as soon as I decided to truly make this a learning experience, rather than trying to be perfect, I had a great day! My lesson went significantly better with the students when I was more relaxed and they were able to learn in their own way without me trying to […]