Growing as an Educator through 21st Century Teaching

Throughout my engagement with technology, I have come a long way. However, I know that there is still room for improvement. On pinterest, I found another infographic (surprise!) on actions teachers can take to become better educators and leaders of students in the 21st century. So far, my journey using technology for learning purposes has […]

This is the leader I will strive to be in my classroom…

There is no doubt that teachers are leaders within the classroom — it is an expectation that they should be. What is variable however, is the approach to leadership that teachers take, and thus model, for their students. Traditionally, leadership in the classroom was very authoritarian. Today this style does not meet the dynamic needs […]

Great Read!

I have been completely absorbed in this book over the past few weeks. It is a great resource for teachers that includes 79 design principles for creating an environment to support student learning. With an astounding amount of research and schooling information, this book challenges readers to view the environment as an essential component of learning […]

Must Have Handbook for Any Tech Savy Educator

I was blown away by the teaching, collaborating, learning and assessment resources within this document — useable by anyone with a willingness to learn! Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy serves as an updated version of promoting higher order thinking with a 21st century focus. Peruse this resource to find the names of many tools to be effectively […]