was a screencasting and capture program presented by my classmate Emily Perreault that is free and very easy to use. I would use it in my classroom by: Creating training or instructional videos for student use Capturing interactive whiteboard activities for absent  students Having students use the program as they solve problems so I can […]

Assessing Students’ 21st Century Skills

As my ECMP Class engages more in discussions regarding implementing technology, topics of assessing our implementation and assessing the students proficiency are starting to come up. The Technology Integration Matrix was a good way to assess our own progress, however I always wondered about assessing the students. This rubric posted by Henrico County Public Schools […]

Great Child Development Resource

So often in education, we are concerned about developmental milestones and whether a child is experiencing healthy holistic development. Child Development: A Primer is a great resource that outlines important developmental milestones from infant to 12 years old. It outlines typical milestones in the areas of: Brain Development Physical Development Sensory Development Cognitive Development Personal/Social Development […]