Great Resource for Teaching Students about Dreamcatchers

Emily Perreault chose to learn about dream catchers for her major project in ECMP using technology as a support. She used Pinterest, Wikispaces, and her mother’s traditional knowledge to document the process of creating these beautiful pieces. This learning experience would fit into the Saskatchewan curriculum beautifully as Grade 4 students learn about First Nations […]

Exploding Art — The Best Kind

As mentioned in an earlier post, my classroom’s reward system was called the “Caught Being Awesome” Jar. When I saw kids following the classroom rules, they would get a slip to add to the jar. Well, we filled that jar for the first time on July 10th! To celebrate, we did exploding balloon art! Materials […]

Window Art

“In order to act as an educator for the child, the environment has to be flexible; it must undergo frequent modification by the children and the teachers in order to remain up-to-date and responsive to their needs to be protagonists in constructing their knowledge.” (Gandini, 1998) When looking for ways to improve the classroom environment, […]

This is what tables are for, right?

Materials Tempera Paint in a variety of colours Masking Tape PAINT SHIRTS Drying Space (each of our kids made 5 or 6 pictures) Prep Solution (Water and a few drops of dishsoap) Steps Divide the table with masking tape into painting stations Create 4-5 palettes of paint to go in the middle of the table Before painting, […]

Marble Art

 Step One: Tape down some paper in a large Rubbermaid container. Add a few dollops of paint and a bag of marbles. Step Two: SHAKE IT! The kids did this one over and over again. A similiar variation is taping paper down to the table and doing the same type of art with cars. They […]