Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

During my adventure through ehow (there always seem to be interesting links to follow on each article), I stumbled across some pros and cons to using technology in the classroom. As educators, council members and parents, it is important that we are aware of these before we advocate for increased funding for technology in the classroom. By weighing out pros and cons, we can ensure that we are making the best possible choice for our school and community.

Click here for the list!

There is no doubt that increased technology is an essential tool that many students will need to navigate, inquire and research during their education and throughout the career paths they choose. I find it shocking than that many learning spaces are grossly void of even the most basic computers.  I think that one major con that the article forgot to mention is that society values conformity in achievement. Funding becomes available to remedy problems, but the value of proactively investing in youth is not there.


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