Digital Citizenship

While browsing educational blogs, I found a great post by Megan Pearce, a fellow education student, regarding Digital Citizenship. It is an online educational game by PBS called Webonauts. I decided to check it out for myself.

Here is a screenshot of the interface that the students will be interacting with:


The game goes through a variety of scenarios including cyber bullying, password and profile protection and copyright issues.


  1. Students work toward rewards such as personalizing their outfit and adding items to their room.
  2. The story is told in a child friendly way with mild themes
  3. The motto Observe, Respect, Contribute is constantly repeated to ensure remembrance
  4. Students have more options to learn through creating an account.


  1. The game may be slow paced for proficient readers or students who are educated in online etiquette and literacy.
  2. There is no option for students to listen to the speech bubbles for lower level readers
  3. Many issues such as copyright are not named or defined, instead the game explained it as “not taking something that is not yours”.

It would take a class of intermediate students approximately 45 minutes to go through depending on their reading and comprehension rate. However, I would have extra activities for early finishers to work through. Afterwards, I think it would be important to explore more case studies and talk about student experiences and consequences.


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