Steps to Integrate Technology Inside and Outside the Classroom

While browsing my twitter feed I came across a great step by step guide to introduce technology in the classroom — courtesy of Teach Mary.


  1. Let parents know that their children will be using technology to support learning inside and outside the classroom.
  2. Inventory available technology for students to use inside and outside the classroom (check division policy on personal devices)
  3. To promote appropriate use of personal devices, keep students busy with a task.
  4. Set out clear boundaries and implement a contract. Outline appropriate use and sites from the beginning.

Problems and Solutions

Not Enough Technology Available— group students and have them collaborate to build problem solving, creativity and social skills

Appropriate Use — What a fantastic teaching opportunity. In a world demanding increased online interactions, your students will have the opportunity to learn appropriate etiquette from you!

technology Overload If you are feeling overwhelmed with the technology available, start with one thing that you really like. To find additional support, remember to collaborate with colleagues


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