Technology in the Classroom?

Throughout my elementary schooling experience, the use of technology within the classroom was obsolete. The most exciting transition that I remember was the switch from blackboards to white boards when I was in Grade 4. Talk about progress! When one of the grade four teachers retired and her classroom was transformed into the computer room, I remember being so excited to have “computer time”. However, I was soon disappointed with the woes of All The Right Type and the occasional Word Document. Technology was not yet an integrated tool to support student learning in other areas of education.

For those of you who did not experience the joy of All The Right Type, here is a quick video to get you up to speed! 🙂

As I progressed through high school and university, my fascination and exposure to technology increased alongside the rest of the world. I now know how to use a variety of programs such as Twitter, Facebook, Prezi, Blogger, WordPress, etc. as well as the devices from which these programs are run. Now moving from the student role into the teacher role, I am feeling the weight of my responsibility to share these amazing learning tools with my students.

After my first ECMP 355 class, I anticipate the opportunity to expand my plethora of tools that can be used engage and support student learning!


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