This is what tables are for, right?

  • Tempera Paint in a variety of colours
  • Masking Tape
  • Drying Space (each of our kids made 5 or 6 pictures)
  • Prep Solution (Water and a few drops of dishsoap)
  1. Divide the table with masking tape into painting stations
  2. Create 4-5 palettes of paint to go in the middle of the table
  3. Before painting, spray down the table with a water and dish soap (just a drop) solution.
  4. Unleash the children! When they are done painting, imprint their design onto a piece of white paper.

Have fun! This is extremely messy, but the imprints that we pulled off of the table designs were              AMAZING! This is another great way to teach about colour mixing and imprinting techniques through inquiry and experimentation.

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