1950’s Office Centre

“A high quality early learning environment supports children’s learning through play. Adults contribute to the play by … providing props and resources to enrich the play” (Jones & Reynolds, 1992) 

I was searching through my parent’s basement when I found an old typewriter and rotary phone that I thought my children would enjoy as many were asking about the lives of their parents and grandparents. I placed both models together somewhere around 1950. I simply set up the centre without explanation to the children, and watched as they began to explore. This centre generated many questions, especially about Elvis Presley and what they thought was a “projector” (typewriter)!

We had many office scenarios take place as well as conversations with Lucy. Many of the kids just loved the sound of the typewriter and spent hours clicking away. We also supplemented this centre with dress up clothes and music (including Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley) as interest grew. Through play and inquiry, the children had fun learning about history and the lifestyles of previous generations.

Click here for the background pictures.


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