Helping Hands

With fourteen kids in the room aged 5 to 10, keeping the room running smoothly could be a challenge on some days. For this reason, I introduced the Helping Hands in our room. For the older kids, it gave them a sense of leadership and responsibility. For the five year olds, they learned the value of taking care of their room. Some kids needed a job while some kids didn’t. For this reason, I did not force the kids to do their job, but rewarded them with a “Caught Being Awesome” slip if they did.

For a personal touch I had each kid add their own hand print. I would have the kids move them around once a week. In a classroom setting, I have seen hand prints already made under each job heading. The students then move their names around to save space.
Job List
  • Attendance Assistant
  • High and Low Leader
  • Awesome Catchers
  • Room Rangers
  • Snack Server
  • Tidy Team
  • Pet Patrol

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