Lesson Five: Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Although I am talking about this lesson within a classroom context, it is such an important lesson in life. I was once given advice from a professor in my second year, “Every chance you can, make yourself uncomfortable, there is no other way that you will learn about yourself faster.” As teachers, it is very important to have this self awareness in a broad variety of situations. If anything, teaching is unpredictable, and for the sake of your students, it is important to be adaptable. Every time I have taken this advice to heart, I have learned in a deeper way than I ever could have imagined.

Today was very similar to my previous experiences. I am person who craves order and planning, so it was outside of my comfort zone for students to create their own groups and make a healthy food commercial. There was so much noise in the classroom, conflicts within the groups, and some students who simply could not self manage. However, in the end, the student products were amazing. The conflict ended sorting itself out and the students had a blast! The learning was rich and the positive attitude developed towards learning was so important.


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