Thank you for visiting my blog! This is a space where you will find a plethora of ideas, resources and stories about my adventures in teaching. You can also take some time and learn a bit about me! As you can see by one of my favourite quotes (to the left), Ms. Frizzle was a huge inspiration for me growing up. Her famous saying has inspired me to be the kind of educator that I am today. Life is about learning from our mistakes and trying new experiences. As Albert Einstein said, “You can’t keep doing the same thing every day and expect different results.” I anticipate the changes that are happening in education and I believe that schools today are better than they ever were. In addition to some of the information that you find here, please contribute your own ideas for enhancing the quality learning experiences teachers can provide for their students.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Magic school bus was one of my favourite shows growing up! I can relate for having Mrs. Frizzle as an inspiration. Teaching should be fun and full of learning experiences and it sounds like you have embraced that to its full potential!

  2. Ms. Schebel! Thanks for the information today. I was wondering how you got all these cool pics to format to your blog. I also really like your idea of posting your resume and cover letter to your blog. If you do not mind I may copy your idea. I just mentioned on another post that one of “pros” of blogging is the professional community it creates. This enables educators to have conversations and a wealth of tools and strategies at their fingertips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for your comment Denny. I too am excited about the professional community possible through networking. I encourage you to use and share any ideas that you find while viewing my blog!

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